Mercedes Citaro


In 2010 Rotala struck a deal with Centro as they were known at the time to operate a network of bus services in the the Solihull area. Rotala created a brand known as Signature for these services. The network of routes included elements that were both tendered and commercial but the whole premise of the network was that the vehicles would be all built to a higher than normal specification. This copied other initiatives around the country like the Stagecoach Gold routes and featured leather seats and WIFI for the passengers. To operate one of the core routes the 82 from Solihull to Coventry three Mercedes single deckers were acquired.     

Registration Number

Fleet Number

Body type

Seating Capacity

Current Allocation


BV10ZJU 30019 Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808023119934 B42F Redditch Signature
YT61FEU  30115 Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808023121588 B42F Redditch Signature
BN09FWS   30401 Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808023117459  B42F Withdrawn Signature