DAF Single deck


In the spring of 2014 with the changes in contractual commitments at their Wessex operation in Bristol  Rotala had five DAF Plaxton bodied single deckers surplus to requirements. Diamond Bus had a need for extra buses to initially provide cover whilst the Red Diamond liveried Volvo B7R single deckers which at the time were based at Redditch were repainted blue.

In May 2014 vehicles 30007-11 were repainted blue and put into service at Redditch in June 2014. In the event the vehicles have stayed at Redditch garage and now see service on virtually any of the routes operated by the garage.

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Body work Seating Capacity Allocation Vehicle Livery
YJ07JRV 30007 DAF SB120 XMGDE12BS0H014403 Plaxton 0610.7LAA6819 B42F Redditch Blue
YJ07JRU 30008 DAF SB120 XMGDE12BS0H014402 Plaxton 0610.7LAA6818 B42F Redditch Blue
YJ07JRO 30009 DAF SB120 XMGDE12BS0H014434 Plaxton 0610.7LAA6817 B42F Redditch Blue
YJ07JJU 30010 DAF SB120 XMGDE12BS0H014405 Plaxton 0610.7LAA6816 B42F Redditch Blue
YJ07JJO 30011 DAF SB120 XMGDE12BS0H014404 Plaxton 0610.7LAA6815 B42F Redditch Blue













John Fishwick & Sons was formed in 1907. It was based in Lancashire and operated a fleet of bus and coaches in the Preston area. Being close to the old Leyland bus factory the company had a long tradition of purchasing Leyland vehicles. When production of buses and coaches ended in Leyland they turned to other manufacturers.

During 2015 it became apparent that John Fishwick & Sons was in financial difficulties and during the summer the owners attempted to sell the business. Rotala as the main bus operator in the Preston area were interested in purchasing the business. However, before a deal could be struck John Fishwick stopped trading on 25th October 2015. With a need for additional vehicles to meet the DDA requirements in the Diamond Bus fleet Rotala purchased three of the former Fishwick vehicles from the dealer who was disposing of the vehicles and placed them in  service at Redditch in early 2016.

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Body work Seating Capacity Allocation Vehicle Livery
YJ07JDZ 32101 DAF SB200 XMGDE02CS0H012439 Wrights AA252 B44F Redditch Blue
YJ08EFS 32121 DAF SB200 XMGDE02FS0H015774 Wrights AB128 B44F Redditch Blue
YJ08EFW 32122 DAF SB200 XMGDE02FS0H016503 Wrights AB129 B44F Redditch Blue










In September 2001 The Birmingham Coach Company took delivery of 9 DAF single deck vehicles that were registered YJ51EKA-J which were the first new vehicles for the company and joined a fleet of Leyland National mark one vehicles. The new vehicles were put to use on the Service 16 from Birmingham City Centre to Hamstead and were the first vehicles other than a few Leyland Nationals in the fleet to carry the Diamond bus brand. A process of rebranding and modernising the fleet had started. The initial vehicles were joined in March 2002 by similar vehicles YD02PZK-O.

When the Ludlows fleet was purchased similar vehicle X808NWX joined the fleet (since withdrawn). YJ51EKA was written off in an accident and has been replaced by similar new YJ55WRA from deal stock. dealer stock. As newer vehicles have entered the fleet these vehicles have gradually been taken out of service.

When the Arriva Wednesfield depot was acquired in April 2017 a further DAF single decker joined the fleet registered X781NNX and this took the fleet number 30215. Over the years many of the vehicles in this batch of buses have been taken out of service and none of these vehicles have been painted into the current standard blue livery.

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Body work Seating Capacity Allocation Vehicle Livery
YJ55WRA 30201 DAF SB120CS XMGDE12CS0H 013044 Wrights  K273 B39F Tividale Black Diamond
YD02PZK 30210 DAF SB120CS XMGDE12CS0H 009524 Wrights F35 B39F Tividale Black Diamond
YD02PZL 30211 DAF SB120CS XMGDE12CS0H 009026 Wrights F36 B39F Tividale Black Diamond
X781NWX 30215 DAF SB120CS XMGDE12CS0H 009026 Wrights D502 B39F Tividale Arriva Blue