Dennis Dart


Dennis Dart vehicles have always featured heavily in the Diamond bus fleet in recent years. Vehicles have been added to the fleet as companies or operations have been taken over. Diamond never actually purchased a brand new Dennis Dart. The core fleet was initially made up of those from the Pete's Travel and Zak's Bus and Coach operations. More recently second hand vehicles have been added from either dealer stock when vehicles are returned off contract hire or by transferring vehicles within the group mainly from the operations around the Bristol area.

The following are Dennis Darts 8.5 metres in length or less in the fleet:

Registration Number Fleet Number Chassis Body Type Seating Current Allocation Livery
KP02PUY 20002 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW16437 Plaxton Pointer 0194/10 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KP02PUX 20003 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW16428 Plaxton Pointer 0194/9 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
MV54EEO 20032 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR44GW17952 Plaxton Pointer 4218/1 B29F Kidderminster Blue
KP02PVA 20100 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW16415 Plaxton Pointer 0194/11 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KP02PUV 20104 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW16427 Plaxton Pointer 0194/8 B29F Redditch Blue
KX03JBU 20201 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW87024 Plaxton Pointer 2083/7 B29F Redditch Blue
KU52YJX 20202 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW86802 Plaxton Pointer 2061/7 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KX03HZK 20203 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW87019 Plaxton Pointer 2083/2 B29F Redditch Blue Diamond
KU52YJT 20205 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW86800 Plaxton Pointer 2061/62061/6 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KU52YJS 20206 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW86791 Plaxton Pointer 2061/5 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KX03JBE 20302 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW87025 Plaxton Pointer 2083/8 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KX03HZJ 20304 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW87018 Plaxton Pointer 2083/1 B29F Redditch Blue
KP02PUE 20508 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW16416 Plaxton Pointer 0194/6 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KX54NKZ 20511 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR44GW17954 Plaxton Pointer 4218/4 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KU02YUA 20518 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16271 Plaxton Pointer 0162/8 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KP51UFC 20519 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16231 Plaxton Pointer 0167/2 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KW02CVV 20535 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW16396 Plaxton Pointer  B29F Tividale Red was branded for 226
KW02CXG 20536 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW16395 Plaxton Pointer  B29F Tividale Red was branded for 226
YT51EAO 20543 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16180 Plaxton Pointer 0161/11 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KP51UFB 20544 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16230 Plaxton Pointer 0167/1 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KP51SXW 20574 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW15999 Plaxton Pointer 0126/3 B29F Kidderminster Black Diamond
KP51UFH 20601 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16233 Plaxton Pointer 0167/4 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KU52YJZ 20602 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW86787 Plaxton Pointer 2023/1 B29F Tividale Blue
KP51UFG 20604 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16232 Plaxton Pointer 0167/3 B29F Redditch Blue
KP51SXX 20605 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16000 Plaxton Pointer 0126/4 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
KV51KZH 20606 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16069 Plaxton Pointer 0156/2 B29F Kidderminster Blue
KP51UFJ 20607 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16246 Plaxton Pointer 0167/5 B29F Kidderminster Blue
KP54BYW 20610 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR44GW18021 Plaxton Pointer 4219/4 B29F Kidderminster Blue
ME52BLU 20716 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16230 Plaxton Pointer 2042/1 B29F Kidderminster Blue
MG53BLU 20717 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR33GW87376 Plaxton Pointer 3013/1 B29F Kidderminster Blue
MH53BLU 20718 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR33GW87377 Plaxton Pointer 3013/2 B29F Kidderminster Blue
LG02FFC 20852 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR32GW16447 Plaxton Pointer 0190/4 B29F Tividale Black Diamond
LG02FFD 20853 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR32GW16463  Plaxton Pointer 0190/5 B29F Kidderminster Blue
LG02FFE 20854 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR32GW16464 Plaxton Pointer 0190/6 B29F Kidderminster Blue
LG02FFH 20855 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR32GW16465 Plaxton Pointer 0190/7 B29F Kidderminster Black Diamond
SN05FLR 21009 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR44GW17970 Plaxton Pointer 4221/4 B29F Redditch Blue

The following are Dennis Darts greater than 8.5 metres in the fleet:

Registration Number Fleet Number Chassis Body Type Seating Current Allocation Livery
KU52RXW 20848 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR32GW16597 Plaxton Pointer 0193/5 B37F Kidderminster Blue
KU52RYH 20849 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR32GW16664 Plaxton Pointer 2025/4 B37F Kidderminster Black Diamond
KU52RYK 20850 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR32GW16666 Plaxton Pointer 2025/6 B37F Redditch Blue
KU52RYN 20851 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR32GW16668 Plaxton Pointer 2025/8 B37F Kidderminster Blue
MW52PZR 30500 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR32GW16487 Plaxton Pointer 0187/4  B39F Kidderminster Blue
MW52PZP 30701 Dennis Dart SLF SFD2CACR32GW16488 Plaxton Pointer 0187/3 B31F Redditch Blue
KP54BYZ 30886 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18042 Plaxton Pointer 4241/2 B39F Tividale Blue
KP54BYJ 30887 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18044 Plaxton Pointer 4241/4 B39F Tividale Blue
KP54BYM 30888 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18088 Plaxton Pointer 4241/7 B39F Tividale Blue
VX54MUC 30930 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18017 Plaxton Pointer 4223/1 B37F Kidderminster Blue
VX54MUO 30931 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18018 Plaxton Pointer 4223/2 B37F Kidderminster Blue
VX54MUP 30932 Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18019 Plaxton Pointer 4223/3 B37F Kidderminster Blue