MAN Single Deckers 


When Rotala purchased Diamond Bus from the Go Ahead group in 2008 they were keen to introduce some new vehicles to the fleet. These in the main were brand new Volvo B7 single deck vehicles with the new vehicles split between their Redditch and Tividale depots. To supplement these vehicles six nearly new Plaxton Centro bodied buses were acquired with MAN chassis. These have been since supplemented by a further few second hand vehicles. Diamond also introduced 23 brand new MAN vehicles into the fleet in 2010 with MCV bodies. These proved troublesome and because of issues with the warranties they were sold on mass to an operator in New Zealand where they were exported to in early 2012.

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Body work Seating Capacity Allocation Vehicle Livery
B14WTS 30120 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ58C010380 Plaxton Centro 0710.7NDA7530 B38F Tividale Blue
B15WTS 30121 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZX8C011461 Plaxton Centro 0810.7NDA7532 B38F Kidderminster Blue
SN09FUW 30302 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ28C010563 Plaxton Centro 0810.7NDA7908 B38F Tividale Blue
SN09FUY 30303 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ28C010563 Plaxton Centro 0810.7NDA7673 B38F Withdrawn following an engine fire 11/14 Blue
KX57OVS 30704 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ58C010296 Plaxton Centro 0710.7NDA7401 B38F Kidderminster Blue Diamond
WX58FRU 30801 MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ68C011489 Plaxton Centro 0812.2NEA7861 B45F Kidderminster Blue
KX08HMZ 30802 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ08C010495 Plaxton Centro 0710.7NDA7575 B38F Tiverdale Blue
BU08DBO 30803 MAN 14.240 WMAA76ZZ88C010454 Plaxton Centro 0710.7NDA7591 B38F Kidderminster Blue
KX57OVV 30804 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ08C010402 Plaxton Centro 0710.7NDA7531 B38F Kidderminster Blue
KX08HMY 30805 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ38C010491 Plaxton Centro 0710.7NDA7574 B38F Kidderminster Blue
WX58FRV 30806 MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ88C011493 Plaxton Centro 0812.2NEA7862 B45F Kidderminster Blue
MX08PZH 30831 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ48C010371 Plaxton Centro 0710.7NDA7527 B38F Kidderminster Blue
MX59KUF 30922 MAN 12.240 WMAA76ZZ48C011472 Plaxton Centro 0810.7NDA7912 B38F Tividale Blue