Optare solo sr   


These Solo SR vehicles are the only Solo type vehicles to be purchased new for the Diamond Bus fleet and were part of a batch of four vehicles purchased. The Diamond Bus vehicles are built to the Signature specification and are used on the Signature Transport for West Midlands contracted services in and around Solihull. The vehicles were initially allocated to the Central Connect operation at Long Acre in Birmingham. This was integrated into the main Diamond bus operation and when the Long Acre depot was closed in 2015 the vehicles were transferred to Redditch Garage from where the Signature routes are operated from.

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Body work Seating Capacity Allocation Vehicle Livery
YJ10MFY 20014 Optare M950 SABFW3AF0AL290062 Optare B33F Redditch Signature
YJ10MFX 20015 Optare M950 SABFW3AF0AL290061 Optare B33F Redditch Signature
YJ10MFV 20016 Optare M950 SABFW3AF0AL290060 Optare B33F Redditch Signature
YJ10MFZ 20027 Optare M950 SABFW3AF0AL290063 Optare B33F Redditch Signature

20881-4, 30050/1

With the requirement for better quality vehicles to operate Transport for West Midlands contracted services Rotala acquired some nearly new Euro V standards Optare Solo SRs. When the Hanson's Local Bus business was acquired then there was a need to consolidate the 226 route from Merry Hill to Dudley where Diamond and Hanson's had operated in head to head competition. The timetable was rationalised and number of the Solo SRs that had been recently acquired were painted in the company's blue livery and were branded up for the 226 route. 

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Body work Seating Capacity Allocation
YJ62FJK 20881 Optare Solo M900SR SABSW3AF0CS290552 Optare B33F Tividale
YJ62FJY 20882 Optare Solo M900SR SABSW3AF0CS290553 Optare B33F Tividale
YJ62FKK 20883 Optare Solo M900SR SABSW3AF0CS290554 Optare B33F Tividale
YJ62FKT 20884 Optare Solo M900SR SABSW3AF0CS290555 Optare B33F Tividale
YJ66APU 30050 Optare Solo M9950SR SABNDD2A2FS291229 Optare B37F Tividale
YJ66AO 30051 Optare Solo M9950SR SABNDD2A0FS291228 Optare B37F Tividale